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19 takes on fashion.

Academic research

19 takes on fashion

Benjamin Simmenauer, Emilie Hammen, Leyla Neri, Andrée-Anne Lemieux, Adrian Kammarti, Sarah Banon, Khémaïs Ben Lakhdar, Gildas Minvielle, Franck Delpal, Pascal Morand, Caroline Ardelet, David Zajtmann, Stéphane Wargnier, Alice Litscher, Laurent Raoul, Lucas Delattre, Julien Pajot —

This collection of essays regroups 19 contributions by the Institut Français de la Mode’s academic staff and young researchers. It covers a wide range of perspectives on fashion and clothing, whose multidimensional character is explored through human and social sciences, economy, management sciences, as well as art history and philosophy. The book focuses on the main contemporary mutations of fashion, the evolution of creative practices in both fashion design and art direction, the new discourses and media, the transformation of manufacturing, the revamping of craftsmanship and the development of industrial processes, the rise of new markets and the reshaping of its economy. It also reflects upon the impact of global events like the urgent ecological situation, the speed-up of digital technologies and their ubiquity, but also a worldwide sanitary crisis that contributed to a sharper articulation of questions underpinning the fashion industry for a while as well as to the questioning of a few dogma.

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