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  • Global Fashion Management Executive MBA

    The Global Fashion Management is a part-time course organized in partnership with the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. With a true international perspective, it prepares high-potential executives for top-level managerial responsibilities in the fashion and creative industries at large.

    Executive MBA - Part time - French

  • Advanced Management Program (AMP) in Fashion and Luxury

    Master the advanced skills and tools necessary to define and implement leading-edge management strategies. Deepen your knowledge of the opportunities and challenges facing the fashion and luxury industry today, all whilst gaining an insight into what transformations lie ahead.

    Continuing education, certificate program - Blended - English

  • Executive MSc in Strategic Fashion & Luxury Management

    Elevate your career with an industry-recognized Master’s diploma, designed for high-potential professionals seeking to develop the knowledge, network and critical eye required for top-level managerial positions, while pursuing career growth in the fashion and luxury industry. Benefit from the flexibility of a hybrid program, whilst maintaining the highest standards of education.

    Executive Master - Blended - English

  • Fashion and Luxury Management

    France is recognized on the international fashion and luxury scene as a place of tradition and innovation. The Fashion and Luxury Management Summer program will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and specific features of an economic sector that is undergoing constant change, and to discover the unique French « savoir- faire », from behind the scenes.

    Summer school program for students - Short format - English

  • Fashion Upcycling Design Workshop

    Second-hand consumption of fashion goods has more than doubled in France in the last 10 years. Upcycling is one of the creative alternatives to the production of new garments. It is also a very innovative process for design. The Fashion Upcycling Design Workshop will help you design silhouettes from existing material to create highly creative and sustainable silhouettes.

    Summer School program - Short format - English

  • Fashion Styling Workshop

    What is a fashion stylist/editor? What does their job actually involve? In this course you will create and style your own silhouette using newfound knowledge.

    Summer School program - Short format - English