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Chairs rocking fashion.


A chair reflects a company's desire to position itself sustainably at the heart of teaching and research, in the fields of expertise supported by the school's faculty.

Institut Français de la Mode offers several types of chairs, depending on the company's wishes:

  • Research Chairs are dedicated to a specific research area. They provide a professor with the means to develop his or her research and allow the company to be associated with his publications.
  • Teaching chairs reflect the company's desire to be visible to students and to take part in curriculum development.
  • Finally, a company may decide to finance a research and teaching chair that combines the two objectives of the company, namely to be associated with the professor's research work and to participate in his or her teaching.

Première Vision

In 2016, Première Vision SA, the leading organizer of international professional trade shows for fashion industries, and Institut Français de la Mode have created a Chair for “The Economics of Creative Materials for Fashion”.

Research activities of the Chair (created for a minimum duration of 3 years) focus on the establishment of an international economic indicator for materials – textiles and leather – for creative fashions, the analysis of short-term developments in the industry, and the oversight of industry-specific studies.

In order to follow developments in the industry as closely as possible and to adapt to the needs of international markets, Première Vision and Institut Français de la Mode have been collaborating for several years. Together, they analyze how fashion markets are evolving, shifts in consumer behavior and changes in buying schedules, among other developments.

Building upon this experience, Institut Français de la Mode and Première Vision have decided initially to concentrate the Chair on two main dimensions:

  • The Première Vision-Institut Français de la Mode barometer measures the evolution of the high-end and creative fashion sector. For Première Vision exhibitors, and for all high added-value creative materials businesses, the Première Vision-Institut Français de la Mode barometer establishes an index of observation and evaluation for activity within the creative fashion industry. It also creates a way for professionals to compare and position themselves with respect to the creative industry index on an annual basis.
  • A study on international sourcing, which helps better understand the breakdown and evolution of import flows in clothing/leather worldwide, analyzes fluctuations in prices, and the breakdown and evolution of sourcing.

The Première Vision Chair is headed by Gildas Minvielle, Professor and Director of the Economic Observatory of Institut Français de la Mode.

Gildas Minvielle — Director of the Economic Observatory