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Is Customisation Compatible with Fashion?

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Is Customisation Compatible with Fashion?

Laurent Raoul

Traditionally, mass marketing and industry find a point in common in their shared finality of the standardisation of products and services aimed at the largest number of people possible. In reality, what they are aiming for is a cut in costs through the growth in the volume of products and controlling fixed costs linked to product development. But in the end, what is the real motive behind this ideology that has dominated the world of consumption since the industrial revolution of the 19th century? Is the sole search for the “variety of product/low cost” compromise supposed to constitute such a competitive advantage in that it excludes all others de facto, or, is it an incapacity to understand the individual urges behind the demand and to produce them at an acceptable cost that has brought us to an economic logic dictated by the “lowest common denominator”?

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