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Admissions and Open Days.

Admissions and Open Days

Upcoming events

Discover our programs and meet our academic teams at different events such as open days, information sessions, webinars, masterclasses and Instagram lives:

IFM Open Day

Each year, our Open Day is held on the last Saturday of January.

Executive MBA Global Fashion Management

  • Masterclass:
    • Monday 17 June at 8.45 am: Masterclass online or on the IFM campus "The new challenges of management" - presented by Karine Piotraut, Director of Corporate Relations at the IFM, and Nathalie Lemesle, Director of Human Resources and Talent at Schiaparelli, in the presence of Alexandre Girard, Founder of MySupplyR and former Executive MBA participant. Register here


Each IFM program has its own admission requirements and procedures. You will find details of the requirements and application process on the page of the program you are interested in (in the list of Programs for Students or Programs for Professionals). This information can be found in the "How to apply" section.

Tuition fees and scholarships

Some IFM programs are offered as sandwich courses / apprenticeship (CAP Métiers de la Mode, Brevets Professionnels Vêtement sur mesure, Mastère Spécialisé® Management de la mode et du luxe). Students on such courses receive a salary in proportion to the minimum wage and are not required to pay tuition fees, which are covered by the company they will work for.

For other IFM courses, tuition fees are indicated on the page for each program, under the heading "Tuition fees".


◼ CROUS Scholarships :

For French students, some programs are eligible for scholarships based on social criteria:

French students can check their eligibility by using the CROUS scholarship simulator on this page.

For International students:

To be eligible for CROUS scholarships, international students must have been resident in France for more than two years, and have their tax residence in France. To check the eligibility of international students, you can use the CROUS scholarship simulator on this page (website in French).

◼ IFM Foundation scholarships

Thanks to the support of the IFM Foundation, needs-based scholarships are available to European Union students aged 29 or under on September 1 of the academic year they are applying for. These scholarships can be combined with other ones, in particular those from the CROUS.

List of programs eligible for the IFM Foundation scholarships:

To apply for a scholarship, apply for the program of your choice and complete the scholarship application form, which can be downloaded from the application portal. Submit it at the same time as the application form. For candidates applying via Parcoursup, the application form must be downloaded from Parcoursup and returned by e-mail to the address given on the form, no later than the wish validation date (April 3, 2024).

Your application will then be reviewed by the Scholarship Award Committee, and you will be informed of its decision before confirming your enrolment if you are admitted.

How to finance your studies?

Institut Français de la Mode does not offer loans as a school, but you can take out a student loan with your bank or your parents' bank.

If you are a citizen of a European Union country, French banks may grant you a student loan under certain conditions.

For students without a guarantor, a state-guaranteed student loan is available. IFM has two partners: Caisse d'Epargne d'Ile de France and Société Générale. Under certain conditions, our students can open an account at two specific branches of these banks, whose contact details will be sent to them once admission has been confirmed.

Please note however that the number of state-guaranteed student loans granted per year is limited. It is therefore advisable to apply for one as soon as possible, as soon as you receive confirmation of admission.

You'll find all the information you need here:

If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, you must finance your studies from your country of origin. It will not be possible to take out a student loan in France.