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Contrapposto Pose: Aesthetic Appeal and Contemporary Impact in Art and Fashion

March 27, 16h, Farid PAZHOOHI (Plymouth University)

In this talk, I will delve into the enduring allure of the contrapposto pose, examining its aesthetic appeal and its influence on contemporary fashion and visual arts. Originating in ancient artworks and prevalent in classical sculptures, the contrapposto posture has captivated artists and viewers alike for centuries. Recent studies, supplemented by experimental and neurophysiological research, provide insights into its effects on perceptions and neurophysiological responses, further elucidating its role as a symbol of reproductive value. Moreover, as evidenced by its portrayal in goddesses of love and beauty throughout art history, contrapposto continues to shape modern artistic representations. Through a comprehensive exploration of its effects on perception and its role in shaping artistic expressions, we can better understand how and why this recurring body posture remains a cornerstone of aesthetic fascination in today's culture.