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Exploring the challenges of textile recycling in the fashion and apparel industry

11 mai - Joséphine RIEMENS (IFM / ENSAM)

It is currently estimated that only 12% of global material flows for clothing would be recycled but less than 1% into new clothes. To reduce the environmental impact of the fashion-apparel industry and transition towards a circular economy, textile recycling is therefore targeted in the forthcoming policies. Yet, the literature review suggests only limited empirical studies and a dedicated state-of-the-art is still lacking. Filling this gap, a Delphi-Régnier study was conducted. Through an iterative and anonymous process, the obstacles collected from the extant literature were discussed with a representative panel of 28 experts compared to the situation in Europe. By providing an encompassing outline of the current experts’ opinion on the priority challenges, this paper aims to support actions from practitioners and highlight research opportunities to enhance textile recycling in the sector.

Riemens, J., Lemieux, A-A., Lamouri, S., & Garnier, L. (2021). A Delphi-Régnier Study Addressing the Challenges of Textile Recycling in Europe for the Fashion and Apparel Industry. Sustainability, 13(21), 11700.