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BSc in Management for Fashion and Creative Industries.

BSc in Management for Fashion and Creative Industries


Shaping the next generation of young creative managers


Open to students who have graduated from high school (Baccalaureate or equivalent).

Practical information

Full time
3 years
Next intake:
September 2021
Tuition fees:
€11,750 per year (EU) / €17,600 per year (non EU)
Austerlitz campus

34 quai d'Austerlitz, 75013 Paris

© Frédérique Daubal
© Frédérique Daubal

The BSc in Management of Fashion and Creative Industries is a new 3-year program taught in English which aims to train the future generation of creative managers, with a solid background in management and humanities and a keen understanding of the languages of creation.

You will be prepared for careers in a sector in which creation has a central role. Fashion, luxury, beauty, perfumes, jewelry, sport, home design... all these industries place creation, art and aesthetic at the heart of their productions. Often embodied by a creator or a brand, the creative industries are also distinguished by their ability to capture the "zeitgeist" and to be be in a state of constant innovation.

The program benefits from the unparalleled links that Institut Français de la Mode has forged over many years with fashion houses and companies in the fashion and creative industries (Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chloé, Adidas, L'Oréal, etc.), as well as the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, which organises Paris Fashion Week.

During the course, you will learn to:

  • master the fundamentals of project management;
  • develop a critical, agile and structured mind;
  • experiment with the different languages of creation;
  • develop your general and artistic culture as well as your sensitivity to creation;
  • Understand the major challenges of fashion and creative industries (technology, sustainable development, etc.).


The course offers you an approach to management specifically applied to the fashion and creative industries, including courses in human and social sciences, which are essential for a career in these sectors. You will learn though numerous group projects throughout the three years.

Fundamentals of general management:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Strategy and project management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Statistical methods and data analysis
  • Coding...

Management applied to creative industries:

  • Brand strategy
  • Product strategy
  • New business models
  • Understanding the media ecosystem
  • Innovation management...

Humanities applied to creative industries:

  • Introduction to logic and critical thinking
  • History of arts
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Philosophy of technique, art and aesthetics

Understanding and management of creation:

  • Courses on fashion, contemporary art, design and crafts, cinema and live performances
  • Image: introduction to graphic and visual arts (drawing, painting, photography), introduction to visual identity (graphic design, typography)
  • Volume: understanding object design, garment construction, materials and surfaces, space design and scenography
  • Moving pictures and sound: writing/scripting, recording, editing
  • Editorial communication: magazine (print/digital) and art direction

Innovation and societal issues:

  • Sustainable development
  • Digital innovation
  • Internationalization
  • Inclusivity and diversity

Soft skills:

  • Business Ethics
  • Collaborative work
  • Communications
  • Public speaking
  • Creative writing and storytelling
  • French language classes for non-French speaking students

Experiential learning

The course pedagogy is a mix of theory and practice: you will have access to a diversity of teaching formats, projects, cases, and practical workshops to develop your agility, nourish a 360° approach and feed your curiosity..


To kick off the course, you will dive into a two-week intensive program including workshops, exercises, visits and meetings with the brands supporting Institut Français de la Mode and other players in the creative industries in order to discover the different actors at stake (brands, manufacturers, fair trade, digital platforms, consumers...).


Each semester, you will have the opportunity to work on one or more concrete projects under real-life conditions. Drawing on the cross-knowledge acquired in the management, humanities and creation courses, you will work in groups with other students in the program, but also, depending on the project, with students from other programs of Institut Français de la Mode or other schools of art, journalism or design. These projects may also take place in partnership with brands, associations or media. They can be very short (hackathon type) or spread over several months, and will allow you to put your knowledge into play in a concrete and applied way.

A few examples of projects, among others:

  • Social networks: defining the strategy, implementation and animation for a brand (Tik tok, Instagram...)
  • Entrepreneurial project: developing an innovative concept and building a business plan
  • Trends and data: deciphering zeitgeist using qualitative and quantitative methods (data analysis, etc.)
  • Magazine / Podcast / Media: working on the layout and content of a digital or paper media
  • Documentary: observing social phenomena and translating them into video format


The program allows you to complete up to 10 weeks of internships:

  • A compulsory 2- to 4-month internship in Year 2
  • An optional 6-month internship at the end of Year 3

International experience

The programme is aimed at students from all over the world, allowing you to be in contact with very diverse cultures and personalities.

You will have the opportunity to gain international experience, either in the form of an internship or an assignment abroad, or by spending a semester on exchange in one of our partner universities or business schools.


Our Austerlitz campus is located at Les Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design on the bank of the famous Seine river with state-of-the-art equipment: workshops, a fully equipped Fab Lab, a knit workshop, a leather workshop, a photographic studio and a C.A.D laboratory.

Entirely dedicated to the fashion, design and creation sectors, our analog and digital Library has one of the most unique collections in Europe.

© Allyssa Heuze
© Allyssa Heuze
© Allyssa Heuze
© Allyssa Heuze
© Allyssa Heuze
© Allyssa Heuze

At the end of the Bachelor's degree, two options are open:

  • Continue your higher education studies in a Master's degree in France or abroad, for example in marketing management, communications, digital marketing, sustainability management, sales management, entrepreneurship & innovation, or by applying to IFM's MSc in International Fashion and Luxury Management.
  • Start your professional career directly in the creative industries in junior management positions in fields related to products (structuring the offer, merchandising...), distribution (retail, ecommerce...) or communications (in all its forms).

Whatever your project, you will receive support from the IFM Careers Department.

The Careers Department plays a central role as a link between students, alumni and companies by organizing contacts and meetings between recruiters and students. A dedicated team accompanies you during your studies at the Institut Français de la Mode as well as throughout your professional career. It helps you develop your professional project, identify internship and employment opportunities and develop your network.

As alumni, you will benefit from the strength of our network of companies and alumni, both in France and abroad. A personalized career follow-up is offered to you at all time during your professional career, and regular events are organized by our Alumni Association.

For students starting in September 2021, the following tuition fees apply:

  • €11,750 per year for students from the European Union
  • €17,600 per year for non-EU students

There is also a lifetime contribution to Institut Français de la Mode's Alumni Association: €350.

Thanks to the sponsorship of company members of Institut Français de la Mode's Foundation, need-based scholarships are available for EU citizens under 27 years of age on September 1 2021.

For French candidates, application for this program does not go through French national admissions platform Parcoursup. The application file will be available as of December 20th 2020.

Admissions requirements

The BSc in Management of Fashion and creative industries is open to students who hold a high school Baccalaureate or equivalent (A-level, Abitur, etc). All specializations are welcome. Fluent English is required.

The application form contains motivation questions that you will be asked to answer. You will find below the list of documents that you will be asked to scan and upload in PDF format onto the application platform when it is available.

Required documents:

  • link to a video or slideshow we ask you to produce - choose only one of the two following topics:
    • 'My zeitgeist': Zeitgeist corresponds to the defining spirit or mood of a time or a generation. In order to express your own creative sensibility, we ask you to choose one aspect of today's zeitgeist that is of particular interest to you and to express it in a creative way. This expression (idea, text, image, object, performance...) must appeal to your personal creativity and take the form of a short video or a slideshow of 1 minute maximum to be posted on an online platform (Youtube or Vimeo).
    • 'The color blue': short video or slideshow of 1 minute maximum to be posted on an online platform (Youtube or Vimeo).

      If you choose to send us an image slideshow, please convert your ppt or PDF file into a video format (eg mp4) and post it on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • curriculum vitae
  • academic transcripts from the last three years of secondary school (and all post-secondary school transcripts if applicable),
  • French or International Baccalauréat diploma or Secondary School examination certificates (if completed)

Optional documents:

You may also include any additional documents (recommendation letters, portfolio, language proficiency test, etc) that you feel may support your application.

Admissions process

The admissions process consists of two steps:

  1. Submission of a detailed online application file. Please note there is a non-refundable €50 application fee.
  2. For selected candidates, an interview with members of the program faculty.

The application file will include documents related to your background and education (CV, transcripts, grades of "épreuves anticipées" for students holding a French Baccalaureate if applicable), questions to assess your project and your motivation, and a creative test in the form of a short video showing your creative sensitivity.


Admissions sessions

You may choose the session you wish to apply for, but can only apply to one. If you are invited for the interview day, a specific time and date will be given to you within the dates specified below. Please note that we strongly advise non-EU students to apply as early as possible and avoid session 5, in anticipation of visa processing delays.

Session 1: January 2021

  • Deadline for submission of application file: 5 January 2021
  • Notification of eligibility: 15 January latest
  • Interviews: 20-23 January 2021

Session 2: Feburary 2021

  • Deadline for submission of application file: 14 February 2021
  • Notification of eligibility: 26 February latest
  • Interviews: 3-6 March 2021

Session 3: March 2021

  • Deadline for submission of application file: 21 March 2021
  • Notification of eligibility: 9 April 2021 latest
  • Interviews: 19-23 & 26-29 April 2021

Session 4: April 2021

  • Deadline for submission of application file: 26 April 2021
  • Notification of eligibility: 10 May 2021 latest
  • Interviews: 25-29 May 2021

Session 5: June 2021

  • Deadline for submission of application file: 30 May 2021
  • Notification of eligibility: 16 June 2021 latest
  • Interviews: 6-8 & 19-21 July 2021