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InsideOut Ep 3 "Marketing: a taboo in fashion and luxury?".

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InsideOut Ep 3 "Marketing: a taboo in fashion and luxury?"

Caroline Ardelet

  • Fashion
  • Economie

This week, Caroline Ardelet, Director of the MSc program at IFM, reveals the specificities of luxury marketing, the evolution and innovation of these practices in the face of new consumer demands, and the importance of the designer's role in these changes.

Host: Carolina Fefer - Student in the MSc in International Fashion and Luxury Management

Podcaster: Caroline Ardelet

Recording & Editing: Joséphine Lafay & Yannis Benkhalifa

Music: Universal Studio

◾  “Fashion InsideOut” is a podcast series where students interview and exchange with professors and researchers at Institut Français de la Mode. Each episode concentrates on a different issue in the fashion and creative industries. Join “InsideOut”, the fashion conversation from inside our campus out to you.