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  • Master of Arts in Fashion Design - Pathways in Accessory Design, Fashion Design, Knitwear Design, Fashion Image

    At the heart of the world’s undisputed fashion capital and its leading maisons, the Master of Arts program aims at transmitting and reinventing the knowledge of excellence that led Paris to become the center of avant-garde and high-end fashion. It embodies the identity and values of Paris as an inclusive artistic platform, home to the greatest international fashion designers and couturiers, at the crossroads of cutting-edge design, exceptional craft know-how and sustainable innovation.

    Master of Arts - Full time - English

  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design

    The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion design is a course like no other. Simultaneously an ideas factory, a design studio, an atelier and a research laboratory. We are training designers for the Future of Future Fashion.

    Bachelor - Full time - French and English

  • Creative Knitwear Workshop

    Acne, Chanel, Alexander McQueen..., knitwear is on every catwalk. Knitting combines creative originality, simultaneous creation of surface and volume, possibilities of customisation and waste limitation. In this course you will be introduced to the many possibilities of machine knitting.

    Summer School program - Short format - English

  • Fashion Upcycling Design Workshop

    Second-hand consumption of fashion goods has more than doubled in France in the last 10 years. Upcycling is one of the creative alternatives to the production of new garments. It is also a very innovative process for design. The Fashion Upcycling Design Workshop will help you design silhouettes from existing material to create highly creative and sustainable silhouettes.

    Summer School program - Short format - English

  • Fashion Styling Workshop

    What is a fashion stylist/editor? What does their job actually involve? In this course you will create and style your own silhouette using newfound knowledge.

    Summer School program - Short format - English