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Fashion Upcycling Design Workshop.

Fashion Upcycling Design Workshop

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From existing garments, learn new design techniques and create a silhouette that is both meaningful and creatively impactful.


Open to all above 16 years old. No prerequisites.

Practical information

Summer School program
Short format
2 weeks
Next session:
20-31 July 2020
€1,590 incl. VAT

Summer School programs may be combined with each other to form longer courses (-10% discount on the second cheapest program).

Group size:
limited to 15 people
Austerlitz campus

36 quai d'Austerlitz, 75013 Paris

© Hyo Kyoung Lee, IFM designer 2019
© Hyo Kyoung Lee, IFM designer 2019

Second-hand consumption of fashion goods has more than doubled in France in the last 10 years. Upcycling is one of the creative alternatives to the production of new garments. It is also a very innovative process for design. The Fashion Upcycling Design Workshop will help you design silhouettes from existing material to create highly creative and sustainable silhouettes.


  • Define a creative intention (moodboard, colors, materials, finishings) based on cultural, artistic and visual references
  • Convey your personal signature through the selection of second-hand clothes: deconstruct and elaborate personal silhouettes
  • Search for 3D proportions and volumes from existing garments
  • Understand the techniques used to make prototypes


The course will help you understand the benefits of upcycling both in terms of creativity and sustainability / waste management.

You will first reflect on the definition of your creative signature and how it may be applied to upcycling. You will then extend your inspiration by selecting in second-hand stores and thrift shops the material necessary for your creative research.

Three different types of exercises will be offered during the course.

Exercise 1: too small / too big

Concepts of volume, balance / imbalance
Elaboration of silhouettes on a live model, exaggeratedly too narrow or too big.
Paper collages will be used to define how the silhouette will be reconstructed to balance it or not

Exercise 2: deconstruction/mixing

Understanding of materials, feel, rendering. Notions of rigidity, flexibility, fluidity
Deconstruction work / mixing on the basis of a tailored jacket with elements of sportswear
Construction of garments on a dummy

Exercise 3: assembly

Introduction to the handling of sewing machines and the making of prototypes

To sign up, fill out the online form. Once the form has been reviewed by the team, an email will be sent to you to confirm registration.

If the sanitary situation related to the COVID-19 requires a cancellation of your registration, you will be able to postpone it to next year or ask for a refund.

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