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InsideOut Ep 2 “Does the metaverse improve customer relations”.

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InsideOut Ep 2 “Does the metaverse improve customer relations”

Lucas Delattre

  • Fashion
  • Economie

This week, Lucas Delattre, professor of communication and digital media, talks about the evolution of fashion in the digital economy and the impact of new tools - metaverse, platforms and social networks - on the customer-brand relationship.

Host: Emilie Joyaud (MSc in International Fashion and Luxury management)

Podcaster: Lucas Delattre

Recording & Editing: Alice Audrezet & Joséphine Lafay

Music: Universal Studio

◾  “Fashion InsideOut” is a podcast series where students interview and exchange with professors and researchers at Institut Français de la Mode. Each episode concentrates on a different issue in the fashion and creative industries. Join “InsideOut”, the fashion conversation from inside our campus out to you.