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Olivier Assouly.

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Olivier Assouly


Olivier Assouly holds a PhD in philosophy from Université Paris I Sorbonne, a Research Masters (DEA) from EHESS (graduated in 1993, under the supervision of Jacques Derrida), and a teaching Masters in philosophy (CAPES). He joined IFM in 2005 as permanent professor and director of research and publications.

His research interests include food, eating habits and consumerism. He has written several books, such as Les Nourritures divines. Essai sur les interdits alimentaires (Actes Sud, 2002), Le capitalisme esthétique. Essai sur l'industrialisation du goût (Le Cerf, 2008), L'organisation criminelle de la faim (Actes Sud, 2013).

He has also edited several collective publications including one on luxury (Le luxe. Essais sur la fabrique de l'ostentation, IFM/Regard, 2011) and another on taste (Goût à vendre. Essais sur la captation esthétique, IFM/Regard, 2007).

To be published in 2016: Les nourritures politiques de Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Cuisine, goût et appétit (Garnier publications).