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Decoding and Analysing Modern Beliefs.

Academic research

Decoding and Analysing Modern Beliefs

Olivier Assouly, François-Bernard Huyghe —

François-Bernard Huygue has a doctorate in political science. He is an academic researcher and consultant in the information and communication sciences. He teaches at Celsa, University Paris IV-Sorbonne, the École Polytechnique, and on the virtual campus of Limoges University. He is Head of Research at the Institut de relations internationales (IRIS) where he set up the Observatoire géostratégique de l’information en ligne. He studies the media and techniques (material, intellectual, social) of communication and broadcasting from the angle of competition and conflict like the spread of beliefs. His research in various disciplines on information strategies (for which he has invented the neologism “infostratégie”) is applied in economic intelligence, in mediology, a discipline founded by Régis Debray, and in polemology.

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