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Alice Audrezet.

Faculty members

Alice Audrezet

Marketing et Sciences humaines et sociales

With a PhD in marketing and a background in the humanities and social sciences, Alice approaches fashion as a social object of consumption. From modest fashion to queer fashion, via digital influencers, her research focuses on how consumers use fashion as a tool to find their place in society. Keen to disseminate science and ground her research in reality, she is also an author of podcasts.

Research fields

  • Fashion influencers & social media
  • Fashion, Religion & Inclusion
  • LGBT+community & fashion industry

Academic articles (peer-reviewed journals)

  • Audrezet, A., & Parguel, B. (2024). Unpacking nontarget majority consumers' responses to modest fashion: How market controversy perpetuates marketplace exclusion. Journal of Marketing Management.
  • Audrezet A., de Kerviler G. & Guidry Moulard J.(2020), Authenticity under threat: when social media influencers need to go beyond self-presentation, Journal of Business Research, 117, 557–569 (pdf).
  • Audrezet A. & Parguel B. (2018), Using the Evaluative Space Grid to better capture manifest ambivalence in customer satisfaction surveys, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 43, 285-295 (pdf).
  • Audrezet A. & Parguel B. (2017), Square but straight: Measurement tool design to improve response fluency and certainty, Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation, 20 (2) 116-127 (pdf).
  • Audrezet A., Olsen S.O. & Tudoran A.A. (2016), The GRID Scale: a New Tool for Measuring Service Mixed Satisfaction, Journal of Services Marketing, 30 (1) 29-47 (pdf).

Research distribution

Case studies

Audrezet A., Berrier-Lucas C., Carton G & Parigot J., “Le chanvre contre-attaque ! La renaissance du chanvre dans l’industrie textile,” study published in la Centrale de Cas et de Medias Pédagogiques



Training in podcasting and radio storytelling, Ecole Transmission, Aubervilliers, 2021

PhD in Management Sciences, specializing in consumer behavior, Université Paris-Dauphine « L’ambivalence des consommateurs : proposition d’un nouvel outil de mesure », under the supervision of Christian PINSON, Professor Emeritus at INSEAD, 2014

Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Université Paris-Descartes, 2012

Master of Research in Marketing and Strategy, Université Paris-Dauphine, 2009

Bachelor's degree in Sociology, Université de Rennes 2, 2007