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Luxury Commercials under the Influence of the Cinema.

Academic research

Luxury Commercials under the Influence of the Cinema

Li-Jun Pek —

The luxury commercial has evolved. Advertising has been approaching the cinema, either by increasingly taking on the form of a film with a more complex narrative structure and less direct camera techniques and effects, or in some cases, through references to prominent figures and works in the field. This article explores the rising phenomenon of luxury-cinema, with a focus on the fol- lowing three aspects. Firstly, the nature of luxury as well as factors in the present day climate pushing the luxury commercial to evolve in this direction is evaluated. Next, the concept of the cinema is scrutinized, exploring its compatibility with commercials from the perspective of cinema lovers. Finally, four commercials influenced by the cinema in various forms are analyzed in terms of the strength of their storytelling, and the effects of their rapprochement to the cinema, culminating in an evaluation of the success factors for luxury commercials’ move towards this modern art form.

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