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Junior generation - fashion and 15/25 years old.

Publications and insights

Junior generation - fashion and 15/25 years old

Gildas Minvielle

A portrait of young Europeans: their shopping habits, their sources of inspiration, their preferred brands… many keys to understanding a generation with complex desires, in order better to anticipate the markets of tomorrow.

Youth consumption in France

  • A decade of consumption among 15 to 25-years old (men and women)
  • Budgets dedicated to fashion
  • Bestsellers’ list of the most-bought products
  • Preferred distribution networks of the young
  • The percentage of purchases by Internet

European* school & university students and their relationship with fashion

  • The values and personal goals of young Europeans
  • An emerging autonomy: sources of revenue, housing, etc.
  • Leisure and budget arbitrations
  • Shopping habits of the young
  • Sources of fashion inspiration for young Europeans
  • Mutual influence of music and fashion looks
  • The rapport of young people to fashion: do they feel that they have their own style, are they influenced?
  • The brands they dream of and the brands they buy.

* Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy.

This study will be available in English soon.

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