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InsideOut Ep7 “The future of Fashion Weeks - the gender issue”.

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InsideOut Ep7 “The future of Fashion Weeks - the gender issue”

Sarah Banon

  • Fashion
  • Economie

In this episode, Sarah Banon, professor and researcher at IFM, whose areas of research include feminism, gender studies, sexuality and fashion media, discusses the evolution of gender representation within fashion weeks and what it says about our society.

Host: Dolorès Buffet-Meziani (BSc in Management for Fashion & Creative Industries)
Podcaster: Sarah Banon
Recording & Editing: Isabelle Field
Music: Universal Music France

◾  “Fashion InsideOut” is a podcast series where students interview and exchange with professors and researchers at Institut Français de la Mode. Each episode concentrates on a different issue of the fashion and creative industries. Join “Fashion InsideOut”, the fashion conversation from inside our campus out to you.