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InsideOut Ep 1 “Who are today’s dandies?”.

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InsideOut Ep 1 “Who are today’s dandies?”

Emilie Hammen

  • History

“Who are today’s dandies?”- In this episode, we head back in time to the 19th century with Prof. Emilie Hammen - professor and specialist in fashion historiography and craftsmanship- to learn all about the emergence, development, life and present status of the famous 19th-century dandy figure.

Host: Pauline Miserey

Podcaster: Emilie Hammen

Recording & Editing: Joséphine Lafay & Yannis Benkhalifa

Music: Universal Music France

◾  “Fashion InsideOut” is a podcast series where students interview and exchange with professors and researchers at Institut Français de la Mode. Each episode concentrates on a different issue in the fashion and creative industries. Join “InsideOut”, the fashion conversation from inside our campus out to you.