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Launch of the MANE Chair in Diversity & Inclusion in Beauty.

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Launch of the MANE Chair in Diversity & Inclusion in Beauty

MANE, the first French group and one of the worldwide leaders of the Fragrance and Flavour industry, and Institut Français de la Mode have joined forces to create a research and teaching chair entitled Diversity & Inclusion in Beauty, headed by research professor Caroline Ardelet.

This 3-year partnership will contribute to a reflection on the impact of beliefs and practices on the representation of beauty in the world and will pursue 2 major objectives.

The first is to document the diversity of beliefs and practices linked to beauty (perfumery, make-up, skincare and related products) by seeking to understand how and why people 'make themselves beautiful'. The Chair will thus offer a global vision of beauty practices worldwide, from clothing to tattoos, via cosmetic surgery and the relationship with hair, natural or magical products.

The second is to understand the impact of the industry (the economic ecosystem of beauty, brands, suppliers, distributors, media) and society (normative frameworks, perception bias) on the construction and deconstruction of beauty standards worldwide.

The Chair's projects aim to bring together students from a wide range of backgrounds and will involve academics and professionals from the sector.

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