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Launch of an online support platform to support young designers.

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Launch of an online support platform to support young designers

To be noted: applications are closed as of 9 April.

In order to help young creative labels face the difficulties generated by the current situation in France, Institut Français de la Mode has decided to launch a support platform called IFM Labels Solidaire.

The support consists of three moments of exchange and discussion around key topics for young brands today. These three sessions, which will take place online, aim to listen to the brands, facilitate exchanges, share best practices and outline possible solutions with experts and professionals working in the industry. Each session will be moderated by IFM Professor Patricia Romatet.

The sessions are free of charge and open to all young creative brands, by invitation (20 places maximum, all sessions are held in French).

"This initiative is intended to be a place for sharing and exchange, in a situation which may generate isolation for some. Our aim is not to provide turnkey solutions but to generate collective intelligence in support of young designers", says Dean Xavier Romatet.

Session 1 - Friday, April 10

Distribution: the impact of the changeover of the major distribution players and its consequences on the financing of young creative brands.

With the participation of: Bastien Daguzan, CEO of Paco Rabanne and Nicolas Santi-Weil, CEO of AMI

Session 2 - Tuesday, April 14

Collections: What to present and in what form in the coming months?

With the participation of: Catherine Jacquet, Managing Director of Lemaire et Tancrède de Lalun, Global Merchandising Director of Maison Margiela

Session 3 - Thursday, April 16

Communication: How to manage your community today and prepare for tomorrow?

With the participation of: Nicolas Santi-Weil, CEO of AMI


Visionner le Panel 1 : La distribution

Panel 2 : Comment aborder les collections à venir, dans un contexte de baisse de budgets et d’usines fermées et comment les commercialiser ?

Avec la participation de Catherine Jacquet, Directrice générale de Lemaire, Karen Delvallet, Directrice de collection chez Ami, et Tancrède de Lalun, Global merchandiser director chez Margiela

Visionner le Panel 2 : Les collections

Panel 3 : Comment travailler la communication dans ce contexte et se préparer au futur, à l’accélération digitale ?

Avec la participation de Quentin Lockhart, Maxime Coupez et Xavier Schreder de l’équipe IFM Labels et Nicolas Santi-Weil, CEO d’AMI

Visionner le Panel 3 : La communication

Cette initiative solidaire, ouverte, nous a permis d’associer des projets de créateurs, des marques de maroquinerie, de chaussures, de bijoux, des projets masculins et féminins.

33 projets ont pu participer, parmi lesquels : Y/project, Craig Green, Roseanna, Coperni, Marine Serre, Gauchère, Etudes, Adieu, Destrée, Stouls, Atlein, Maison Alma, Enkaoua, Spencer Phipps, Charlotte Chesnay, Daweï, Kwaïdan Editions….

« Cette initiative a vocation à être un lieu de partage et d’échange, dans un contexte où certains peuvent se sentir isolés. Notre objectif n’est pas de donner des solutions clés en main mais de générer une intelligence collective au service de la jeune création », dit Xavier Romatet, Directeur Général de l’Institut Français de la Mode.

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