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The school of skill and style. The school where skill is style.

Vue de l'Institut Français de la Mode sur la Seine
© Jakob+MacFarlane - Les Docks Cité de la Mode et du Design - Photo James Ewing

The Institut Français de la Mode

Institut Français de la Mode brings together Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and IFM. Both schools have made their mark on the world of fashion. ECSCP has embodied excellence "à la française" since 1927 and IFM was a pioneer in fashion management education from 1986 onward. Today their union offers Paris a new, open-minded and visionary fashion school which nurtures tomorrow’s creative talents.


Institut Français de la Mode is a higher education institution, a training center for apprentices, a provider of executive education, as well as a center of expertise for the textiles, fashion and luxury industries. Located in Paris, it provides educational programs from vocational training to doctoral level, by cross-fertilizing design, management and craftsmanship.

As of 2019, Institut Français de la Mode brings together Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, founded in 1927 and recognized for the excellence of its training in couture savoir-faire, and IFM, founded in 1986 and a pioneer in fashion management education.

Institut Français de la Mode now offers:

  • Higher education training programs in fashion design (among which two new degree programs, a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts), in fashion management and in craftsmanship
  • A training center for apprentices
  • Short, certificate or custom-designed continuing education programs for companies and institutions
  • Summer School programs
  • Academic research activities which produce publications in the field of economics as well as social and human sciences applied to fashion and design
  • An Economic Observatory which provides steering tools and studies for professionals, and a daily analysis of fashion consumption and distribution
  • One of the most complete specialized libraries in France

Institut Français de la Mode is a member of HESAM Université, of the Conférence des grandes écoles and of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI). It is supported by the French Ministry of Economy. It is recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education.

Titre Provisoire

The new Institut Français de la Mode : principles and cornerstones. A world class School which:

  1. Symbolizes French fashion culture, where design takes first place and relies on excellence in craftsmanship, preserved and supported by management

  2. Works through steady interaction and synergy with fashion players, placing itself at the heart of its ecosystem, on a national and international level

  3. Anticipates changes in trades and provides a holistic approach in its teaching

  4. Deciphers and anticipates societal, economic and technological change with a view towards comprehensive innovation

  5. Is committed to student diversity, and diversity more generally speaking, both social, international or relating to academic background or professional paths

  6. Gives due credit to sustainable development in all its aspects, whether in relation to the environment, to corporate social responsibility, or to preservation of know-how

  7. Takes an interest in culture, understands the essential role it holds in design and in fashion, and makes it a pillar in its teaching

  8. Has a very broad conception of fashion, encompassing garments and the individual’s environment in a more general manner, extending to the sectors and initiatives inspired by the fashion system which were not initially part of it

  9. Nurtures simultaneously the depth of expertise and the cross-fertilization of disciplines

  10. Delivers educational programs spanning from vocational to Doctoral level, in order to encourage cross-disciplinary approaches and multiple pathways

  11. Develops research that promotes transversal approaches and perceptions, may it be theoretical, practical, analytical or creative

  12. Develops short and long term continuing education programs, with a broad scope or highly specific expertise, that will enhance individual and company skills at all levels

  13. Supports its students’ entrepreneurial and creative initiatives as well as innovation originating from the School or from partner companies and laboratories

  14. Puts the digital revolution into practice in its teaching and organizational methods

  15. Harmoniously combines fulfilling instruction and rigorous professionalization

Our brand new 9 000 m² campus is located at the Cité de la Mode et du Design on the banks of the river Seine with state-of-the-art equipment: studios, workshops, fablab, DIY workshop, knit workshop, leather workshop, photo studio, CAD workshop...

Institut Français de la Mode’s alumni network is a passionate, active and supportive community which counts 4,000 active members in France and abroad. The Alumni Association represents graduates from Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and from IFM, united by the same dedication to fashion and creation. It supports its members and coordinates the network by organizing regular professional and social events.

Besides its Paris-based activities, IFM Alumni has chapters in the USA, UK, China and Belgium.

Our Alumni network counts heads of ateliers, designers, directors, craftsmen, entrepreneurs…. Pictured in the slideshow are but a few examples.

Kamil Arslan — Premier Atelier Modèles, Dior
Hubert Barrère — Designer, Lesage
Katalin Berenyi-Hoang — General Manager, Clarins and Founder, Erborian
Alicia Birr — Senior Strategic Planner Luxury & Fashion, Google
Florence Chéhet — Chef d'Atelier Flou, Dior
Bastien Daguzan — CEO, Paco Rabanne
Bertrand Guyon — Designer, Schiaparelli
Guillaume Henry — Designer, Jean Patou
Rabih Kayrouz
Gilles Lasbordes — General Manager, Première Vision
Alexis Mabille
Tomas Maier
Lucie Meier — Designer, Jil Sander
Tuomas Merikoski — Founder & Designer, Aalto
Issey Miyake
Fanny Moizant — Co-founder, Vestiaire Collective
Véronique Nichanian — Designer, Hermès Menswear
Cécile Ouvrard — Chef d'Atelier, Chanel
Lucien Pagès
Christine Phung — Designer, Léonard
Julien Pollet — President, Groupe Promod
Bastide Rey — Chef d'Atelier Prêt-à-porter, Dior
Stéphane Rolland
Yves Saint Laurent
Susanne Tide Frater — Brand & Strategy Director, Farfetch
Elie Top
Nadège Vanhee Cybulski — Designer, Hermès Women's Ready-to-wear

Institut Français de la Mode is at the heart of an international network which enables it to develop new educational offers and to encourage exchanges between faculty from different disciplines.

Academic partnerships in France

International Academic Partnerships

The Institut Français de la Mode, a non-profit association under the 1901 law, benefits from the support of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.


Xavier Romatet
Executive Director:
Sylvie Ebel



  • President: Sidney Toledano
  • Vice-President: Anne Dellière
  • Treasurer: Yves Dubief
  • Secretary: Pierre-François Le Louet
  • Members: Fanny Moizant

Board of Administration

Representatives of the Haute Couture and Fashion sector :

  • Sidney Toledano, Chairman and CEO, LVMH Fashion Group
  • Anne Dellière, Group Marketing & Strategic Planning Director - Richemont
  • Francesca Bellettini, Chief Executive Officer, Saint Laurent Paris
  • Bruno Pavlovsky, President Fashion Activities, CHANEL & President of the Institut Français de la Mode Foundation
  • Guillaume De Seynes, Chief Executive Officer Upstream and Investments - Hermès International
  • Pascal Morand, Executive President of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion

Representatives of the Textile sector:

  • Yves Dubief, President of Tenthorey
  • Olivier Ducatillion, President of the Union of Textile Industries

Representatives of the Clothing sector:

  • Sylvie Chailloux, President of the French Union of Fashion and Clothing Industries
  • Pierre-François Le Louët, President & CEO - Nelly RODI

Representatives of the Distribution sector:

  • Guillaume Houzé, Image and Communications Director, Groupe Galeries Lafayette
  • Laurent Milchior, Co-Manager, Etam

College of qualified personalities:

  • Chantal Gaemperlé, Head of Human Resources and Synergies of the LVMH group
  • Marie Claire Daveu, Head of Sustainable Development and Institutional Affairs, Kering
  • Philippe Pasquet, CEO at GL Events Exhibitions and Chairman of the Première Vision Management Board
  • Catherine Jacquet, President, IFM Alumni
  • Fanny Moizant, Co-founder & President - Vestiaire Collective


  • Xavier Romatet, Dean
  • Sylvie Ebel, Executive Director
  • Bénédicte Maerten, Head of Financial Affairs
  • Hubert Gicquelet, Economic and Financial General Control - Applied Research Mission and Promotion of Quality
  • Astrid Even, Deputy Director of Fashion and Luxury, Ministry of the Economy and Finance - Directorate General for Enterprise
  • Clarisse Reille, Executive Director – DEFI
  • Christophe Bonté, Statutory Auditor, Grant Thornton

General Assembly

Founding members:

  • Sidney Toledano: President of IFM

Union of Textile industries

  • Olivier DUCATILLION: President of Union of Textile Industries

French Union of Fashion and Clothing Industries

  • Pierre-François Le Louët – President, French Union of Fashion & Clothing Industries

Active members:

Textile sector

  • European Flax and Hemp Confederation: Marie-Emmanuelle Belzung – General Delegate C.E.L.C Development
  • Textile Ennobling Federation: Jean-Louis DANJOUX – President
  • Federation of Knitwear and Lingerie: Karine Sfar – General Delegate
  • Unitex: Olivier BALAS - President

Clothing Sector

  • French Federation of Women's Ready-to-Wear: François-Marie Grau - General Delegate
  • French Federation of Menswear Industries: Lionel Guerin – Executive Chairman
  • French Federation of Shirt and Lingerie Industries: Lionel Guerin – Executive President

Distribution sector

  • Trade Alliance: Yohann Petiot – Executive Director

Academic Affairs Council (CAA)

The Academic Affairs Council is in charge of ensuring the appropriate orientation of IFM’s academic and research activities.


  • Emmanuelle Favre, Head of Human Ressources - CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE


  • Chantal Baudron, Chairman and CEO - BAUDRON SA
  • Claire de coincy, Head of Human Resources - CHLOE
  • Tancrède De Lalun, Global Merchandising Director - BALMAIN
  • Frédérique Deveaux-von Tschammer, President – ​​DEVEAUX SAS
  • Jean-Bernard Devernois, Former President of the Academic Affairs Council - IFM Paris
  • Corinne Fenéon, Head of Operations – HERMES
  • Brigitte Flamand, General Inspector of National Education, Design & Applied Arts - MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION
  • Sylvie Le Bourhis, Head of Human Resources Fashion Activities, CHANEL
  • Nathalie MalavoY, Head of Human Resources and CSR – SMCP
  • Delphine Manceau, Executive Director – NEOMA BUSINESS SCHOOL
  • Matteo Meneghello, Chief People Officer - SAINT LAURENT
  • Géraldine Michel, Professor at the IAE of Paris – University of Paris 1 - PANTHEON SORBONNE
  • Isabelle Minecci, Head of Human Resources - L'OREAL LUXE
  • Florence Rambaud, Head of Partnerships and Prospects for Professions of Excellence - LVMH
  • Olivier Sastre, Head of Human Resources - LOUIS VUITTON
  • Isabelle Savane, Head of Human Resources – ERAM GROUP
  • Catherine Spindler, Chief Brand Officer - LACOSTE

Economic Affairs Council (CAE)

The Economic Affairs Council is in charge of ensuring the right adaptation and the development of IFM’s monitoring activity and economic studies.


  • Lionel Guerin - Executive President, French Federation of Menswear Industries


  • Pascal Morand, Executive President, Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion
  • François-Marie Grau - General Delegate, French Federation of Women's Ready-to-Wear
  • Pierre-François Le Louët - President, French Federation of Women's Ready-to-Wear
  • Virgile Caillet - General Delegate, Union Sport & Cycle
  • Jean-Philippe Frey - Head of Economic Intelligence, Union Sport & Cycle
  • Pierric Chalvin - General Delegate, UNITEX
  • Bernadette Fulton - General Secretary, Union des Industries Textiles (UIT)
  • Joelle Da Fonseca - Head of Economic and European Affairs, Union des Industries Textiles (UIT)
  • Denis Ferrand - Executive Director, COE Rexecode
  • Pascale Florant - General Secretary, COFREET
  • Frédéric Galinier - Deputy Director, Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion
  • Christophe Gazel - Executive Director, Institute for the Promotion and Study of Furnishings (IPEA)
  • Hervé Huchet - Men's Division Manager, Promas International and International Service Projects Department, French Federation of Women's Ready-to-Wear
  • Marie De Boissieu - Fashion and Luxury Project Director, Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE)
  • France Lacoeuilhe - Fashion and clothing industries project manager, Ministry of the Economy and Finance, Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE)
  • Gisele Anki-Zuccarello - Head of fashion and clothing industries, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE)
  • Franck Lehuédé - Senior consumption project manager, CREDOC
  • Dorval Ligonnière - Research and Marketing Manager, French Footwear Federation
  • Marc Lolivier - General Delegate, Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling (FEVAD)
  • Claire Vesque - Head of Economic Studies, Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (FEVAD)
  • Eric Mezin - General Delegate, UIT NORD
  • Paul Mouginot - Co-founder, DACO
  • Yohann Petiot - General Delegate, Alliance du Commerce
  • Edgard Schaffhauser - General Delegate, French Federation of Leather Goods
  • Karine Sfar - General Delegate, Knitwear and Lingerie Federation
  • Eric Sprung - Executive Director, Sprung Freres
  • Laurent Vandenbor - General Delegate, Mode Grand Ouest
  • Florence Bonnet-Toure - General Secretary, National Clothing Federation
  • Laurence Bazin - Communication Manager, Knitwear and Lingerie Federation