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IFM Labels Accelerator

Since 2011, the Institut Français de la Mode has been supporting young designers through a unique support programme for young creative brands. At each edition, IFM Labels accompanies 6 young creators, selected for their talent, uniqueness and potential.

Taking a step back while managing your daily business: this is the objective of the IFM Labels programme, which gives young brands the right tools in the sector and encourages them to be unique in their approach.

The selected labels are offered personalized assistance for the development of their company by a dedicated team of professionals in the sector, in the main areas of expertise needed by a young creative company: identity, offer, distribution, production, image and communication, finance.

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Young designers, young brands established in France, in the sectors of women’s and men’s fashion, accessories, shoes/sneakers, leather goods, jewelry...


Formalization of the project’s fundamentals (which are often intuitive), an in-depth study of these fundamentals to put them into perspective and better anticipate future stages of development. Benefits that are tailored to the profiles and to the skills associated with the labels.

  • The definition of the project and of its positioning, the structuring of collections, retail strategy, communication policy, financial monitoring.
  • Collection building, distribution, communication, financial resources and teams. To set up operational working tools such as collection planning, general sales conditions, treasury framework, communication framework.
  • To step back in order to gain perspective in relation to day to day pace and exchange with other designers/labels going through similar situations.
  • A potential lead-in to preparing business plans/financing arrangements.


To accompany young brands in their development and all forms of expression of their business model, positioning on the market and collections, distribution, communication and finance…
To help these labels reach the next stage in their development whilst suggesting them new ways of clearly defining how they aim to stand out, in each and every aspect of their activity.

This coaching program is built on a synergy between training/exchange based group sessions and individual tailored coaching sessions.

The seven group workshops focus on:

  • Economic model, business plan and financing
  • Identity, positioning, product range and pricing policy
  • Sales policy and development across the different distribution circuits
  • Communication, artistic direction
  • Digital strategy
  • Fundraising and methods
  • Team building and management

During each of these topical sessions we invite a professional expert who comes to share his/her experience in developing young creative labels: managing directors of young creative brands, press offices, members of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, couture ready-to-wear and fashion designers, digital agencies, representatives from financing organizations…

Individual Coaching Sessions

The aim of the individual coaching sessions is to work on specific topics and to help with decision-making. They allow for in-depth examination of core issues and translate the options chosen into operational tools.The subjects tackled are as follows and lead to the implementation of the following tools.
In addition, subjects linked to production, supply chain and information systems can be approached to enrich the other areas, depending on the needs identified.

Individual Diagnosis

Following the group sessions the IFM Labels consultants carry out a diagnosis with the team from each label and together identify the challenges and areas for improvement.
This overview results in the allocation of a credit of 14 individual working appointments with the consultants and their areas of expertise in addition to further areas if need be.

The Final Debrief

At the end of these individual sessions the team of consultants meets with each of the labels to take stock, to assess the ground covered and to share the areas for improvement to put into place.
This individual sharing concludes with a final group meeting with exchanges on the benefits of the IFM Labels program.

Admissions conditions

  • A label that has existed for a minimum of 3 seasons
  • An annual sales figure of over €100,000 ex-Tax and a positive result
  • A minimum of 40% international activity and quality distribution, in tune with the project’s ambition
  • An early reputation established with influencers and tangible activity on social networks
  • Where possible, having begun to establish a team, a tandem with a designer and another person in charge of sales, management…
  • Creative talent and drive to move forward


To follow this program IFM asks for a participation of €2,000 ex-Tax, divided up over 2 fiscal years.


  • Rowen Rose, Prêt-à-porter - 2024

  • Maitrepierre, Prêt-à-porter - 2024

  • Weinsanto, Prêt-à-porter - 2024

  • Jeanne Friot, Prêt-à-porter - 2024

  • Alfie, Prêt-à-porter - 2024

  • 2023

  • Jolibump, Prêt-à-porter - 2023

  • Boyarovskaya, Prêt-à-porter - 2023

  • Minuit (00-00), Prêt-à-porter - 2023

  • Phileo, Chaussures - 2023

  • Vaillant, Prêt-à-porter - 2023

  • Benjamin Benmoyal, Prêt-à-porter - 2023

  • 2022

  • Bluemarble, Prêt-à-porter - 2022

  • Eli Grita, Prêt-à-porter - 2022

  • Soi Paris, Prêt-à-porter - 2022

  • MOSSI, Prêt-à-porter - 2022

  • Egonlab, Prêt-à-porter - 2022

  • 2021

  • De Bonne Facture, Prêt-à-porter - 2021

  • Diane Ducasse, Prêt-à-porter - 2021

  • Kwaidan Editions, Prêt-à-porter - 2021

  • Boramy Viguier, Prêt-à-porter - 2021

  • Uniforme Paris, Prêt-à-porter - 2021

  • 2020

  • Happy Haus, Prêt-à-porter - 2020

  • Mister K, Prêt-à-porter - 2020

  • Phipps International, Prêt-à-porter - 2020

  • Ludovic de Saint Sernin, Prêt-à-porter - 2020

  • Coltesse, Prêt-à-porter - 2020

  • 2019

  • Alice Balas, Prêt-à-porter - 2019

  • AfterHomeWork, Prêt-à-porter - 2019

  • Atlein, Prêt-à-porter - 2019

  • Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, Prêt-à-porter - 2019

  • Make my lemonade, Prêt-à-porter - 2019

  • Marine Serre, Prêt-à-porter - 2019

  • 2018

  • Gauchère, Prêt-à-porter - 2018

  • Icosae, Prêt-à-porter - 2018

  • Archive 18-20, Concept store - 2018

  • Avoc Paris, Prêt-à-porter - 2018

  • Modetrotteur, Prêt-à-porter - 2018

  • 2017

  • Amélie Pichard, Prêt-à-porter - 2017

  • Bonne Gueule, Prêt-à-porter - 2017

  • Charlotte Chesnais, Créatrice de bijoux - 2017

  • Le Gramme, Créatrice de bijoux - 2017

  • 2016

  • Aalto, Prêt-à-porter - 2016

  • Commune de Paris 1871, Prêt-à-porter - 2016

  • Jour/Né, Prêt-à-porter - 2016

  • Koché, Prêt-à-porter - 2016

  • La Contrie, Maroquinerie - 2016

  • Rombaut, Chaussures - 2016

  • 2015

  • Apologie, Chaussures - 2015

  • Bonastre, Maroquinerie - 2015

  • Jacquemus, Prêt-à-porter - 2015

  • Monsieur Lacenaire, Prêt-à-porter - 2015

  • Vetements, Prêt-à-porter - 2015

  • 2014

  • Adieu, Chaussures - 2014

  • Ambali, Prêt-à-porter - 2014

  • Andrea Crews, Prêt-à-porter - 2014

  • Le Prestic Ouiston, Prêt-à-porter - 2014

  • Editions MR, Prêt-à-porter - 2014

  • RoseAnna, Prêt-à-porter - 2014

  • Valentine Gauthier, Prêt-à-porter - 2014

    • Thomas Delattre

      Head of the program

      Thomas Delattre is the director of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Center at Institut Français de la Mode. After leading prospective studies and marketing consulting missions, he now supports fashion brands and startups through various incubation and acceleration programs promoting creative, innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship.

      Thomas is also a professor in consumer behavior. His teachings focus on the mutations of consumption in the fashion and luxury industries and the strategies of companies to respond to them.

    • Matthieu Dumont


      In 2020, Matthieu founded TREMÄ, a brand strategy and collection building consultancy, after more than 15 years experience in Global Merchandising Management positions with brands such as Saint Laurent, Prada, Closed and Lanvin. Her expertise is based on a mastery of the product cycle, whether in RTW or Accessories, as well as an understanding of the challenges linked to a coherent and inspired 360° approach.

    • Steeve Lambert

      Digital strategy

      Steeve Lambert is an engineer in image synthesis and artificial intelligence, he founded the Digi-tales agency in 2005 to help fashion and luxury industry players create digital solutions. In 2008, he created the very first wholesale SAAS platform, then in 2014 the International Directory of fashion press relations.
      From consulting to development, including art direction, content creation and marketing, he brings a global strategic vision associated with achievements adapted to brands. He has collaborated, among others, with Maison Margiela, Sonia Rykiel, Maison Michel and Charlotte Chesnais.

    • Selvane Mohandas du Ménil

      Business development

      After working around product development at L'Oréal and Louis Vuitton in 2003 - 2004, Selvane took over the global network of franchise boutiques and the Wholesale EMEA network for Yves Saint Laurent until 2012. He then joined Sonia Rykiel as Sales Director and Development Director. Selvane also carries out commercial strategy consulting missions on different product categories, whether in Ready-to-wear, accessories or specific categories. Selvane regularly teaches subjects related to business development in various institutions, at Institut Français de la Mode as well as at HEC Paris.

    • Xavier Schreder

      Digital Strategy

      Educated both in human and social sciences and IT project management, Xavier Schreder has pursued a career combining web technologies (application and e-commerce website development) and webmarketing. Since 2014, he has been working with the winners of the Au-delà du Cuir network and SMEs such as Oh my cream, My Little Day, Mister K, Lemaire but also major groups (EPI, Puig) in digital strategy (creation and execution).

      In 2019, he co-founded DELTA.PARIS, a Shopify Partners agency, which provides expert services in omnichannel and customer relations (Lemaire, Legramme, Mister K, Madame Monsieur, Salon Septième...).

    • Pepijn van Eeden


      In 2017 Pepijn co-founded MARINE SERRE SARL, as the brand's Managing Director and thereafter CEO. During his tenure the ready-to-wear brand grew into a pathbreaking force in fashion and beyond, with well over 15M in turnover and employing a 60+ team.

      Before 2017, Pepijn lectured and researched as a PhD candidate in Political Science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He obtained his MA degree in History and European Studies from the University of Amsterdam and has further worked intermittently in and around the European Parliament in Brussels. Hence his main speciality today: combining broad strategic vision with on-the-ground operational realities, commercial and financial management, as well as supply-chain.

      In 2020 Pepijn founded SOULMACHINE, as a brand development bureau based in Paris. Under its header, Pepijn collaborates today with a range of professionals in support of conceptually creative brands in the industry.

      Pepijn continues to mentor and lecture, mostly in fashion brand and business development, at Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) and other institutions in the field.