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Gabrielle H. Smith.

Faculty members

Gabrielle H. Smith

Fashion history

Lecturer in fashion and art history, PhD Candidate (Paris 1 University – Ecole du Louvre - IFM)

Research areas

  • Art history and historiography of fashion
  • Time and fashion
  • Men's fashion
  • History and theory of adornment

My work focuses the history of the concept of finery, and its status in men's clothing in the 19th century. In parallel to my academic work, I am conducting theatrical research on the fashion show (Culs et Chemises, 2019; Poliche, 2021), and I am producing text/image formats with the stylist Samuel Bardaji that bring together writing and fashion photography (Habiller Priape, 2019; Le Crâne céleste, 2021).

PhD thesis in progress: "Le sauvage et le baby", Male adornment in the era of the black suit 1820-1930,


  • « Arts et Langages » master’s degree, EHESS

Other publicaitons


« L’avant-dernière mode. Une histoire du démodé », communication au colloque de Cerisy La mode comme indiscipline, à paraître dans un collectif dirigé par Mathieu Buard et Céline Mallet en 2022
« Avis à ceux qui ont plus de goût que de fortune », Modes Pratiques, 2017