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Fashion, Freedom under Surveillance?

Academic research

Fashion, Freedom under Surveillance?

Benoît Heilbrunn —

If we give credit to Roland Barthes’ comment that “fashion is what goes out of fashion”, we are forced to come to the conclusion that post- modernism is definitely not in fashion, due to the simple fact that the term, first used by Jean François Lyotard at the start of the seventies never ceases to ...not go out of fashion. But, how can it enlighten us on the idea of fashion, even the fashion object? The term, brought into vogue by architects, originally designated a commercial –even populist– style that succeeded the great era of modern architecture from Le Corbusier to Wright. This undulating notion that appears in the respective but not necessarily synonymous forms of “postmodern”, “postmodernity”, and “postmodernism” became to characterise the dominant culture of our times and the mental horizon in which we evolve. Whether we speak of postmodern, surmodern, or hypermodern, the question is essentially a new decentralised logic organising the production system that is like a second cultural skin for capitalism.

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