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New study about the economic weight of fashion in France.

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New study about the economic weight of fashion in France

Franck Delpal

This study, carried out by Institut Français de la Mode and Quadrat Etudes with the support of DEFI, aims to:

  • present a robust estimate of the main economic aggregates on the scope of the fashion sector and related activities, taking into account all the actors benefiting from its economic spin-offs
  • propose an assessment of the impact of Paris Fashion Week on the economy.

The information collected includes:

  • The activity of companies through their turnover: direct turnover (in retail and wholesale) and indirect income (licences)
  • The weight of the creative industries in exports: share of creative-related sectors in French exports in each of the product categories (fashion, accessories, watchmaking, jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics, design and furniture, lifestyle) and contribution of the sector to France's trade balance
  • The added value of companies, which makes it possible to measure the weight of industry in French GDP
  • Jobs represented in the creation, manufacture or distribution, in France and abroad
  • The activity and jobs induced indirectly via knock-on effects by brands with their industrial partners, distributors and service providers.

The study shows that French fashion represents €154 billion in direct turnover, a direct and indirect added value of 3.1% of GDP and generates 1 million jobs in France.

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