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IFM Panel subscription.

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IFM Panel subscription

Magalie Béguin —

IFM Panel is the only tool in France that measures the evolution of fashion and textile consumption for all retail channels on a monthly basis.

IFM Panel covers more than 200 stores including a representative panel of multi-brand retailers. It covers all distribution channels (independent retailers, chains, department stores, hyper and supermarkets, etc.) including online sales.

Turnover evolutions are calculated on a like for like basis. They are detailed by markets:

  • 7 garment categories: men’s ready-to-wear, men’s top, men’s underwear, women’s ready-to-wear, women’s top, women’s lingerie, children’s wear
  • 3 textile categories: home textiles, fabrics
  • Shoes
  • Accessories: leather and other accessories

By subscribing to IFM Panel, you will receive:

  • on the 15th of each month, results of the previous month, tallied by distribution circuit
  • on the 30th of each month, detailed monthly results and annual totals including breakdown by range
  • twice a year, results of the first 3 weeks of sales

Price: €4,400 for 12 months

For more information please contact us by email:

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