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Online Summer School course : Advanced Pattern Making - The Tailored Jacket.

Online Summer School course : Advanced Pattern Making - The Tailored Jacket

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The Advanced Pattern Making Summer School allows you to deepen your knowledge in draping in the reproduction of a haute couture suit jacket.


For students following a training course in the field of fashion, passionate about garment construction techniques who have acquired the basics

The small number of students allows the trainer to adapt to the level and objectives of each student.

Basic English required.

Practical information

Summer School program
1 week
Next session:
26-30 July 2021
€800 incl. VAT

Summer School programs may be combined with each other to form longer courses (-10% discount on the second cheapest program).

Group size:
15 people maximum
Please see below

Stockmann workshop bust, pins, blue and red tying-ribbon, black self-adhesive tying-ribbon, 3m of medium muslin, pencil, eraser, ruler, rubber, gun

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  • Deepen your knowledge of draping on a dummy
  • Improve your mastery of draping by working on the emblematic product that is the "suit jacket"
  • Understand the technical difficulties of placing the muslin
  • Acquire technical tricks for draping
  • Overcome the difficulties of a suit jacket: collar, lapels, darts, sleeve head
  • Develop precision in pinning, the basis of balance and the success of a fabric


  • Reminder of the fundamentals necessary for the success of a creation by draping
  • Choice and adaptation of the workshop bust
  • Placement of the tying-ribbon
  • Pointing process and adjustment of the muslin
  • Reproduction of a haute couture jacket by pinning the cotton fabric on the workshop dummy
  • Shifting the bust dart into the pocket,
  • Tailored collar by draping
  • Tailored sleeve by construction
  • Adjustment of the sleeve head
  • Work on the «"ease"

Finding the right shape

Techniques for placing the fabric

Depending on the progress of the participants, pinning of the whole tailor in muslin on the workshop dummy


At the end of the programme, a certificate of participation in the Summer School is issued to participants who have taken part at all courses

How to register

To register, simply fill in the online form and pay the required deposit. On receipt of the online form, the application is studied by the Summer School team. Once the application has been accepted, an email is sent specifying the payment schedule for the balance of the registration fee. If the application is not accepted, the deposit will be refunded.

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