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Online Summer School : From Drawing to Garment.

Online Summer School : From Drawing to Garment

The Summer School "From Drawing to Garment" teaches you how to translate your ideas into clothing by developing your creative approach.


This course is suitable for people who wish to acquire a basic understanding of pattern making and apply this knowledge to their own creative ideas. The exercises carried out can be part of a portfolio required by students wishing to enter art, graphic design and fashion schools.

The small number of students allows the trainer to adapt to the level and objectives of each student.

Practical information

Summer School program
Short format
2 weeks
Next intake:
19-30 July 2021
€1,590 incl. VAT

Summer School programs may be combined with each other to form longer courses (-10% discount on the second cheapest program).

Please see below

Dummy or shop window bust, medium pattern canvas, pins, pencil, eraser, ruler, gun, papers, drawing materials and paints

© Allyssa Heuze
© Allyssa Heuze

This course focuses on research and personal development in terms of creativity and the concrete creation of a product. It combines an introduction to technical know-how with creativity.


  • To understand the basics of moulding and designing garments on a studio bust
  • To know how to adapt a base to your own creative universe
  • From a personal moodboard, learn how to translate your creative universe by a coherent iconographic selection


Week 1

Study and creation of a basic skirt fabric:

  • Setting in volume
  • Pinning of a half
  • Canvas in 3D on a dummy
  • Correction and flattening of the fabric
  • Analysis of the necessary adequacy between form and fabric
  • Transformation of the basic skirt into a kilt skirt

Week 2: Trends and creative process :

  • Understanding how trends work
  • Analysis of the codes of an artist or fashion designer and the creative process
  • Illustration of your own creative universe Customisation of the skirt created in week 1 following your own creative inspirations

To sign up, fill out the online form. Once the form has been reviewed by the team, an email will be sent to you to confirm registration.