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Online Summer School: Pattern Making / Draping for beginners.

Online Summer School: Pattern Making / Draping for beginners

Both technical and artistic, the Summer School Draping for beginners introduces you to the different techniques and tools allowing you to acquire the basics of dummy draping. You will discover how to make a toile pinned directly on the dummy and design a proper garment from it.


This course is suitable for people who wish to acquire a basic understanding of pattern making and draping method.

This course is also a good preparation for studies in fashion design/pattern making.

The small number of students allows the trainer to adapt to the level and objectives of each student.

Basic English required.

Practical information

Summer School program
Short format, online
60 hours
Next session:
21 June - 2 July 2021
€1,590 incl. VAT

Summer School programs may be combined with each other to form longer courses (-10% discount on the second cheapest program).

Material required

Dummy in preference « Stockman », medium muslin quality, pins, pencil, eraser, ruler, gun

Group size:
limited to 15 people
© Allyssa Heuze
© Allyssa Heuze


  • Understand the garment as a whole
  • Learn to analyze a fashion drawing and the garment it represents
  • Acquire the basics of draping on a dummy: hang, proportions, volumes
  • Be autonomous in the draping of a half-muslin of a simple model


  • Fashion drawing, understanding and interpretation
  • The profession of stylist / model maker
  • Specificities of draping/pattern making
  • Basic notions necessary for draping: straight line, crossline, bias, hooking, volume and shapes
  • The tools used
  • Research of shapes, volumes, details

Study of different styles by pinning the muslin on the dummy

Construction of the straight skirt, flared skirt, transformation of a base skirt with a pleat panel

Realisation of a simple shirt by draping which is fitting with the design of the skirt

Advanced draping

If you wish to go further, you can continue with the Advanced Draping program which will allow you to experiment more volumes, make more complex canvases and gain confidence.


At the end of the program, a certificate is issued to participants who have attended all courses.

How to register

To register, simply fill in the online form and pay the required deposit. On receipt of the online form, the application is studied by the Summer School team. Once the application has been accepted, an email is sent specifying the payment schedule for the balance of the registration fee. If the application is not accepted, the deposit will be refunded.

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