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Entrepreneurs program.

Entrepreneurs program


Entrepreneurs is a programme dedicated to young entrepreneurs in creative industries. It offers them all-round support from the founding idea to the project’s implementation and includes privileged access to Station F, the world’s biggest start-up campus.


The program is intended for all those who wish to start a business in the creative industries, either in innovating products or in services linked to fashion, luxury, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, taste industries, the world of design, the living environment, the art of living…

Practical information

Part time
€5,990 including taxes

This fee includes :

  • The workspace(s) for the duration of the program
  • The program as described above
  • Access to IFM’s documentary resources

Lifelong subscription to IFM Alumni Association: €350

Station F

5 Parvis Alan Turing, 75013 Paris

Photo of an entrepreneur
© Allyssa Heuze
Photo of an entrepreneur
© Allyssa Heuze

The Entrepreneurs program takes the form of a 6 month incubation. This program is aimed at young entrepreneurs and start ups in creative industries. It provides them with all-encompassing support on the entire spectrum of their project’s dimensions.

Program structure and rhythm

The program, open to a class of 12 individuals at most, is organised around two yearly batches :

  • September-February
  • March-August

Organisation of the curriculum

The program consists of two hours of individual mentoring and two workshops per month (i.e. 4 to 6 days per month).


Throughout the program, you will be placed under the responsibility of a mentor. This mentor will have been selected according to his or her skills and ability to support your project’s development. (S)he may be a professor or a professional.

The mentor will accompany you throughtout the program by guiding you in the establishment of your project and its development. (S)he will also help you to request points of view from various experts in the sector who will contribute specific skills adapted to each of your issues.

Collaborative workshops

The Fast Track program gives access to 8 workshops organized by the IFM and led by professionals who are well renowned in their field of activity.

The themes of these workshops, open only to this program’s participants, are the following :

  1. Branding
  2. Offer management
  3. Product knowledge
  4. Client knowledge
  5. Market investigation
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Legal aspects
  8. Business plan

You will also be able to take part in the collective workshops organized by the programs present at Station F (Vente-Privée, LVMH, L'Oréal...) and in particular those from the ADN_ x IFM program on key issues (fundraising, communication...).

A workspace at Station F

Each of the participants on the Entrepreneurs Fast Track program has 6 months’ use of one or more workspaces at Station F, the world’s biggest Start-Up, which gives the potential to take advantage of the ecosystem present within the Campus (investment funds, TechShop, public services) and to benefit from offers negotiated collectively by Station F for start-up incubators.

The network

The Institut Français de la Mode, which offers design and fashion management programs, is deeply anchored within the entire fashion ecosystem. Its closeness to all fashion players, be they companies or professional networks, enables it to put you in touch with the best experts in the sector. Its economic observatory, moreover, brings together experts who decode all the trends on a daily basis and give you access to economic studies or market analysis which can be potentially useful to your activity.


  • Hélène Aguilar

    Où est le beau ?: Podcast about design and creation
  • Samia Boukbir

    Retrofinder: Marketplace proposing vintage pieces by period, style
  • Serena Cancellier

    Le Studio Fragile : luxury leather goods brand
  • Marie Delas

    Paris Gallery Weekend: Artistic event gathering 40 Parisian art galleries
  • Amaury Delmas

    Gauthier: Retro tennis-inspired ready-to-wear brand
  • Deborah Enkaoua

    Enkaoua: Unisex jewellery brand
  • Louis Galtié

    Irakli: Luxury ready-to-wear brand
  • Yassin Keetan

    Marivot Paris: 2.0 Custom Service
  • Pauline Krauze

    Paola Krauze: Contemporary jewellery brand
  • Rubi Pigeon

    Rusmin: Media and e-commerce platform for upcycling for the Millennials
  • Laure Wolff

    ACDL: Brand of customizable luxury shoes and on-demand products
  • 2018

  • Estelle Dupuis

    FHOND: Vintage products hunting service
  • Eugénie Fausser & Roxane Gelzer

    Escrin: Eco-responsible brand inspired by inspiring women
  • Benjamin Fontanel

    Supercut : men's ready-to-wear brand with an inclusive choice of sizes
  • Josefina Roveta

    Sadaels: creative label that revisits the Belgian-Argentinean heritage of its designer
  • 2017

  • Daniela Bahamon

    Maison Alma: Fashion and accessories brand with a Latin American soul
  • Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud

    Laurence Airline: Ready-to-wear brand for mixed-race men
  • Stéphanie Cristofaro

    #00FFFF Paris: genderless streetwear fashion brand
  • Sophie Durand-Gaudry

    Marceau Paris: Women's shirt brand of Parisian inspiration
  • Marianna Szeib

    Face to Face: Physical and digital pop-up store for responsible designers
  • 2016

  • Elodie Djuric Developer Recruitment Platform
  • Eliane Heutschi

    Savoar Fer: A creative label that revisits traditional know-how
  • Caroline Monast

    Talent Making Talent: Platform for the promotion of creative talents
  • Diane Vermont

    Townhouse Work/Shop: Platform content commerce
  • The program has a two-step admissions process :

    1. Fill in and send out the application form.
    2. Selected applicants will be invited to interview with a jury of faculty and professionals.


    Application deadlines

    March 2020 - September 2020 Batch

    • 15 December 2019
    • 19 January 2020
    • 19 February 2020

    September 2020 – March 2021 Batch

    Dates to be announced

    Batch septembre 2019 - mars 2020

    Les candidatures sont closes pour ce batch

    Batch mars 2020 - septembre 2020

    • Session 1 : 15 décembre 2019
    • Session 2 : 19 janvier 2020
    • Session 3 : 19 février 2020 (après cette date, merci de nous contacter par email à l'adresse

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