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IFM launches the Fashion Entrepreneurship Center.

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IFM launches the Fashion Entrepreneurship Center

In order to encourage, support and accelerate the creation of fashion businesses, Institut Français de la Mode announces the launch of its Fashion Entrepreneurship Center. At a time when the fashion industry is undergoing rapid change, Institut Français de la Mode wishes to strengthen its support for entrepreneurs in this sector. This center replaces the former IFM Labels and IFM Entrepreneurs programs.

The Fashion Entrepreneurship Center is a space for sharing information, pooling resources and providing support for all fashion entrepreneurs. Headed by IFM Professor Thomas Delattre, it offers three programs offering solutions adapted to the degree of maturity of the entrepreneurial project. The more advanced the development of the project, the more individualized the support:

  1. A Fashion Entrepreneurship Certificate, to raise awareness and train future entrepreneurs
    Aimed at IFM students and other future entrepreneurs, this certificate offers 2-hour weekly sessions over a period of 6 months to acquire the fundamentals of business creation (concept development, market research, business plan, brand issues, marketing, financing, legal issues, sustainability, etc). It aims to raise awareness of fashion entrepreneurship in order to encourage projects and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
  2. An Incubator, to support early-stage projects
    It is aimed at entrepreneurs who have finished their studies at IFM or elsewhere, and who wish to develop fashion projects at the idea or seed stage, offering complete support, from the founding idea to the implementation of the project, through group sessions and individual support. Two 6-month sessions are offered each year (January and September).
  3. An Accelerator to help growing brands
    A team of experts supports brands and creative labels that already have a structure, an activity and a team by establishing a diagnosis and a personalized consulting service, adapted to the needs of each brand. This one-year support can cover strategic, financial, organizational, marketing and digital aspects.

In order to enable all fashion entrepreneurs to acquire the keys to understanding the specificities of the sector, Institut Français de la Mode, which has a deeply rooted knowledge of the fashion and luxury sector, brings to them its resources in terms of professors and experts and its ability to connect entrepreneurs with the fashion ecosystem as a whole. Links will be established and developed with all IFM programs to involve student volunteers in certain projects.

The Fashion Entrepreneurship Center brings together all of these entrepreneurs on IFM's new campus, which offers them numerous resources to develop their project: a fablab and workshops to carry out prototyping, a photo studio for their photoshoots and one of the most complete specialized libraries in France.

"Institut Français de la Mode's mission is to support entrepreneurship aspirations but also to help new creative brands emerge or accelerate their development. We are committed to promoting a certain vision of entrepreneurship that is creative, innovative and sustainable, and to developing a spirit of innovation and daring that are particularly useful in this period of change.", says Xavier Romatet, Dean of Institut Français de la Mode.

The Fashion Entrepreneurship Center is supported by par DEFI – la Mode de France, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin and BPI France.

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