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The Television Series: An Ars Dominandi.

Academic research

The Television Series: An Ars Dominandi

Benjamin Simmenauer

It would appear to be an accepted fact that cultures are, like nations and species, in a fight for survival. However, the means by which a culture finds itself in a dominant position and manages to retain this position, remain obscure: what enables a given culture to contaminate the individuals of another culture on a long-term basis, to change their beliefs and transform their way of life? The notion of “soft power” that first came up in the context of international relations theory is sometimes used to describe the way in which American culture maintains its empire. This notion is interesting in as much as it substitutes the idea of coercive domination with the idea of a coopted domination: the “soft” dominant party no longer imposes its will through force; it makes others believe and want the same things as it does. We appear to be stating the obvious as it is difficult to see how anyone could be forced to consider something desirable: cultures have always influenced one another in a soft manner, and not by using weapons or bodily constraint.

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